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How Digital Trust Can Overcome Fraud’s Impact on the CX


Instilling digital trust by placing identity at the core of business operations is the digital version of putting the customer first.

Digital trust is critical to developing and maintaining positive, long-term relationships with customers. Confidence encourages the sharing of digital identity information that can be used to improve the customer experience (CX).

Why? Digital identity includes various pieces of information pertaining to an individual’s identity that are left behind during online interactions. For example, when a customer logs into their account, they identify themselves with an email and password and may include the way they type, the device used, and the time and location. 

The problem is that verifying genuine users’ identities online currently isn’t working. Users forget their usernames and passwords, and fraudsters can acquire them.

Fraud, scams, malware, bots, or social engineering, are all symptoms of the real…

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