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How lab techs save lives one test at a time


TAMPA, Fla. — Laboratory scientists never see the faces of patients in the hospital. They are stuck in a room surrounded by four walls and endless specimens ready to be analyzed.

But, they know how sick patients are before anyone else, and for lab techs at AdventHealth Tampa, what they are seeing is heartbreaking and terrifying.

Not since the pandemic started in 2020 have lab techs seen a surge in COVID-19 cases this high.

“With this latest surge, it’s just been off the chart. You know volume has increased significantly,” Medical Laboratory Scientist at AdventHealth Tampa Kelly Clemens said.

Clemens doesn’t just see if someone tests positive for the coronavirus. The lab results paint a grim picture of patients sometimes a few floors below her, in the fight of their lives.

“I really never have gone through anything like this before in my career in the lab,” Clemens said. “What I see is all the patient results, and these people are very, very sick. I’ve…

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