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How long can the world continue to be in denial?


LETTERThe world witnessed another series of crime against humanity in Palestine. It was as if the land had been cursed after the Crusades centuries ago, leaving never-ending bloodshed for people of different beliefs to coexist.

Middle Eastern geopolitics carries a complex relationship within the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamic activism and Arab nationalism did not necessarily come together as to be seen after an armistice concluded in 1949 between the newly founded State of Israel and its Arab neighbouring countries.

Eventually leaving the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, under Jordanian Hashemite rule while the Gaza Strip was put under Egyptian military administration. 

The West Bank was eventually annexed to Jordan in 1950 and Jordanian citizenship was extended to its Palestinian inhabitants.

Suppression of Islamic activities was rampant under General Nassir of Egypt in the mid-fifties and then in the mid-sixties, on a cracked down of the…

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