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How to avoid ticket scams for the MLB All-Star Game


DENVER (KDVR) — If you’re still trying to get your hands on a ticket to the MLB All-Star Game, there’s something to consider: crooks are getting creative.

Consumer experts say the last thing you should do is display your ticket on social media, where in the wrong hands, a replica can be made.

Many are still searching for a ticket in places other than the box office.

The Better Business Bureau told the Problem Solvers that big events like the All-Star Game are like beacons for those looking to take advantage of desperate fans.

BBB spokesperson Keylen Villagerana told the Problem Solvers that if you’re looking for a ticket online, beware of websites that will send you to another site that may be fake.

“Make sure that they have policies and terms and conditions,” Villagerana said.

Buying online? Be sure to verify

The Problem Solvers also asked ticket resale outlet StubHub about ways to protect your…

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