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How to find your current location in Google Maps

  • Both the Google Maps website and app have a “Current Location” button that lets you find exactly where you are.
  • To find your current location, you might have to give Google Maps permission to track you.

Google Maps is great for getting directions to far off cities and obscure shopping plazas. But what if you open it up only to realize that you have no idea where you are right now?

That’s not a problem. Every version of Google Maps has a “Current Location” button. Tap this, and the map will zoom over to your exact location – give or take a few hundred feet.

Here’s how to find where you currently are in Google Maps, using a computer or phone.

How to find where you are in Google Maps

Before anything, make sure your device is connected to the internet. Even if you’ve saved some offline maps, you’ll need internet access for Google Maps to find your location.

1. Open Google Maps on your computer or smartphone and let the map load.

2. The app should…

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