Home Business ‘I received a WhatsApp scam message. What should I do?’

‘I received a WhatsApp scam message. What should I do?’


I recently received a WhatsApp message from an unknown mobile number and the message said: “I’m sorry, I sent you a 6-digit code for SMS by error. Can you transfer it to me? It’s urgent.” I was a bit suspicious, so didn’t do it but was that the right thing? Is it a scam or someone’s error? BM, Dubai

I have received several enquiries about this exact message. This is a phishing message – a scam – which is being sent from various mobile numbers in large numbers, so BM did the right thing by ignoring and blocking the number.

If someone replies and sends back a code they receive by SMS, they are likely to find various accounts and phone contacts are then hacked. As the action is deemed voluntary, the individual will be held liable and will have no recourse to recover any losses.

Currently, there are large numbers of phishing messages being…

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