Home Tech iGear Super Fan review: Cool air without wires

iGear Super Fan review: Cool air without wires


As most of us resumed work from home or entered the first full year of being away from office, we have realised how home offices come with its fair share of inconveniences. Often the best place to sit might not be the most comfortable, of the most comfortable place might not be the best to work from long hours.

So over the past few months, we have all added accessories that make our WFH desks better places. I for one have invested in a bunch of stuff from foot rests to a full study table and sturdy chair. I have also populated my desk with pen stands and mobile charging stations, table lamps and tissue boxes… the closest I can be to an office setting.

This is when I noticed the new iGear Super Fan in the market. So while my desk is in a cozy corner, it does get a bit hot at times being in between two windows with direct sunlight on it. And investing in a small pedestal fan has crossed my mind multiple times despite the AC in the room.

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