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Imagine a World of Climate Solutions


“The Ministry for the Future” is a vision of everything we could do to save the planet, and ourselves, from catastrophic global warming.

“Imaging a World Without War” is a conceptual tool co-created by Elise Boulding, a founder of the academic discipline of peace studies in the United States. Participants in the exercise create a mental image of a world without war, particularly without nuclear weapons. They start by imagining the existence of such a world, 30 years in the future, and then go backwards to our present time, mapping out what actions and events could create that world. The exercise frees up pessimistic mental roadblocks, allows a sense of possibility to emerge, and helps participants identify what Boulding called “pry points”—crises or catastrophic events that could force big changes for the common good, if people are prepared to act.

Similarly, Joanna Macey’s “Work that Reconnects” (WTR)…

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