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Impostors Pose as Amazon in Phone Scam Calls


AARP helpline confirms rise

This year, Amazon scams originating from robocalls, texts and emails have been among the top five complaints to AARP’s Fraud Watch Network helpline (877-908-3360 toll-free). “Consumer reliance on delivery services such as Amazon during the pandemic has created an environment where Amazon-related scams are now almost as prevalent as some government impostor scams,” says Mark Fetterhoff, a helpline official.

The Amazon-scam robocalls tend to start with someone saying there has been suspicious activity on your account, and then he asks you to press 1 or call another phone number. Next, the scammer may ask for your Amazon account information. Or he may ask to help you by taking over control of your computer via software that lets him gain access to your credit card, banking and other…

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