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In 2022, India should keep an eye on Indo-Pacific


“Yesterday is a foreign country — tomorrow belongs to us,” stated Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa, in 1998. Never was this truer than for 2020 and 2021, which experienced globally transformational events. And nowhere more than in the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific, which is changing at multiple gears and levels. As it moves into 2022, the region will carry the imprint of the past five years, and will have to chart a course through inter-state tensions and crises, using both diplomacy and military preparedness.

The region is central to world economy and peace, and nine countries are key players: the US, China, Japan, India, Germany, the UK, Russia, Australia and France. The geopolitics and geo-economics of the Indo-Pacific will be largely shaped by the interplay of relations among these nations.

Of paramount importance is the US-China equation. As the Trump era ended last January, there was uncertainty over whether the next…

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