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In Nigeria, broadcasters get to grips with Twitter ban


Lagos (AFP)

A sign on the newsroom wall at the Nigerian broadcaster News Central spells out the channel’s motto: No to mediocrity and disinformation.

For News Central’s dozens of journalists, most of them young reporters under 40, that part of the job just got more difficult after the government suspended Twitter.

Inside the channel in Lagos financial district, the newsroom is humming with journalists busy editing news and presenters finishing make-up for the studio.

Launched just three years ago and now accessible via satellite, News Central has plans to become the largest pan-African chain for continuous news broadcasts.

But last week’s decision by President Muhammadu Buhari’s government to ban Twitter in Africa’s most populous country, was a blow to News Central’s big ambitions.

The United Nations, foreign capitals from Washington to London and rights groups have all condemned the ban as…

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