Home Real Estate Indiana’s homebuying market is ‘wild’ as houses snapped up quickly

Indiana’s homebuying market is ‘wild’ as houses snapped up quickly


If buying a home is stressful anytime, what’s it like buying a home in 2021?

“It’s crazy,” Ashley Donnelly said with a laugh. “The market is all over the place. It’s wild. Just wild.”

Homebuyers like Donnelly, a Ball State University professor and published author, and home sellers and professionals in the real estate industry all agree. They’ve never seen such a bizarre time to buy and sell a home.

Homes are in short supply, in markets from Richmond to Muncie to Lafayette and across Indiana. The experts say that if you can find a house in your desired area and for your desired price point, be ready to buy it and be ready to pay more than the asking price. Sometimes thousands of dollars more.

Real estate agent Donna Spears in front of a house she recently sold on Eagle Trace in Richmond, Indiana.

And be ready to snap up that home quickly.

“You have to be pre-approved with a lender and ready to jump on something that pops up,” said Donna Penticuff, a Muncie real estate broker.

“I know the minute I list a house, the same day – the same day…

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