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Internet Employment Scam Reported In Clinton


The city of Clinton Police Department is warning residents, especially those seeking employment, to beware of an internet employment scam. The scam impacting the Clinton community is attempting to collect personal information by pretending they are an employment opportunity.

In a social media post on Wednesday, the Clinton Police Department put up a post warning residents about a scam that is moving through the Clinton community. We all know that scams work just like viruses when they come to the city you live in.

This new scam in Clinton is affecting people who are looking for employment. According to the post from the Clinton Police Department, this scam’s objective is to get personal information by disguising it as an employment opportunity. The scammers are using this tactic via the web.

Clinton Police say if it is a local business that people are applying for, you can always stop into the business and request to pick up an…

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