Home Business Is BizGurukul Another E-Biz Scam in the Making?

Is BizGurukul Another E-Biz Scam in the Making?


BizGurukul, as it describes itself, is an online e-learning platform that sells skill development courses related to entrepreneurship, career and business development and additionally provides training to earn money with the help of social media. However, even though BizGurukul has its own website where these courses have been advertised, one cannot buy them directly from the website, without putting in the sponsor ID.


One must go via what they call their affiliate program, which incidentally, is being projected as spectacularly lucrative. More important, this opportunity to make big money has nothing to do with either the course content, or the qualifications, age or work experience of the affiliate. It manifests through the commission that BizGurukul pays to the affiliate for every person who buys the course material.


This is unlike other sales program that allows consumers to purchase directly from the websites without using an affiliate…

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