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Its Tax Time and this is our Friendly Reminder Not to Let Just anyone do your Taxes


DETROIT, MI – So many of us have known about Krystal Davis and her schemes of ripping people off. Be it a tax preparer scam, real estate scam, she has them down to a science.

She has not surfaced recently but be assured she surely will.

She was recently profiled on Detroit’s FOX 2 Hall of Shame with Rob Wolcheck. She wasted no time getting in her vehicle and to not answer questions posed by Wolcheck.

Her scams run the spectrum. She runs a tax business, a CPR school, a real estate business. But none of them are legit. Last we knew the FBI and local authorities were supposed to be on her tail because they wanted to get her off the streets. Well she is still out here among us. Beware !! She will rip you off given the chance.

Her victims seem to almost always be women who are in need of help in one form or another financially or with housing needs. They are many times mothers with several children who are trying to get by…

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