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It’s time we shore up our nation’s care economy


Democratic Rep. Alma Adams represents North Carolina’s 12th Congressional District, which includes Charlotte. Follow her on Twitter: @RepAdams.

Infrastructure keeps our economy moving. Roads, tracks, and ports enable products to move across the country. Broadband keeps our workforce productive, even during a pandemic. Brick and mortar schools and universities teach job skills and enrich lives with culture. Airplanes facilitate travel for jobs that absolutely must be done in person, and our electrical grid powers almost every facet of our home and work lives.

It’s safe to say that infrastructure is what makes a global economy possible. So why can’t we perceive the care economy the same way?

Women especially have been forced to drop out of the labor market due to COVID-19, but for many families, a woman’s income is the only source of income. My mother cleaned houses so we could survive and get by, but we just got by. Like…

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