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Japanese real estate targeted by Chinese and Hong Kongers


Foreign companies and individuals in China and Hong Kong are targeting Japan’s real estate, including areas of forest and land with access to water resources in the Kyushu region, prompting concerns from local governments and residents.

The acquisition of forest land in Japan by foreign capital reached an accumulated 2,376 hectares from 2006 through 2020, according to the Forestry Agency. Hokkaido accounts for the majority of such investments, while Fukuoka Prefecture ranks fourth.

Purchasers come from a wide range of countries and regions, with China (including Hong Kong) topping the list at around 40% of the total with 969 hectares.

The Forestry Agency numbers do not account for private land sales, indicating that the data is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to private land acquisition, buyers in China and Hong Kong often target land in Japan.

Why are they attracted to Japanese real estate? And what does it mean for Japan?

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