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JPIN Study Shows 43% of Investors want Green Technology


A new study commissioned by the global startup investment bank JPIN shows that UK investors are embracing green initiatives, with 43% only interested in sustainable technology and programmes.

The news follows on from the recent announcement by the UK government that it is accelerating its energy strategy towards a more sustainable future. 

Data shows that more than US$4mn in support packages for green tech is on the horizon, while landmark research from leading global investment bank, JPIN, has revealed that almost half UK investors aim to invest in green and sustainable companies in the next 12 months.

ESG and sustainable investment for fintechs

Recent figures show that almost 50% of the UK’s electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels in gas-fired power plants, despite the multiple global warnings of climate endangerment. 

However, this looks set to change as the UK plans to lower its dependency on external energy providers by producing more…

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