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Kentucky man almost loses $70K in real estate scam


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Attorney General’s Office in Kentucky reported more than $12.7 million lost to scammers in 2021.

A Louisville man told WHAS11 News he was in the process of closing on his new home in Jeffersontown when he got an email from someone who appeared to be his closing attorney.

The email encouraged Kevin Thieneman to wire the funds in order to ‘avoid delay’ with closing.

“I had actually had some interaction with them previously,” Thieneman explained. “There was nothing in the emails that made it suspicious in the least little bit.”

Theineman wired more than $70,000 as directed and called his realtor afterwards.

“He said ‘Kevin, your closing attorney didn’t do anything, and didn’t send you that.’”

Thieneman drove to the bank immediately and was told the money had already been wired. The email…

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