Home Business Kila man says flag business inspired by patriotism

Kila man says flag business inspired by patriotism


Craig Kempthorne’s work is highly visible around the Flathead Valley, even though his small, one-man Kila company keeps a low profile.

His Flathead Flagpole Co. is responsible for installing poles and flags at residential, commercial and government sites throughout the region. As the company’s founder and sole employee, Kempthorne likes to keep the spotlight on his flags and what they represent.

“Fly your colors,” is his unofficial motto.

Kempthorne’s company handles every step in the process of raising a flag. He lays the concrete, erects the pole and supplies the materials. And he can fulfill all kinds of custom orders — from specially made flags to poles mounted on many different surfaces.

It’s important to Kempthorne that every customer has the opportunity to get their ideal display.

“Everyone does it their own way,” he said. “It’s pretty…

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