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Labor promises faster NBN for more homes


One-and-a-half million homes and businesses are set to have higher quality internet under a broader $2.4 billion NBN plan if Labor wins power.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has promised more than 10 million premises will have “world-class” internet speeds by 2025 under a Labor government.

Households and businesses relying on copper wire for an internet connection will be given the option to switch to a fibre connection to the premise.

It’s estimated up to 660,000 premises in regional areas and 840,000 in the suburbs stand to benefit.

“Reliable, quality, high-speed internet is not a luxury or nice-to-have, it is essential 21st century infrastructure,” Mr Albanese said ahead of the policy’s launch on Wednesday.

It’s expected to cost $2.4 billion and create 12,000 jobs.

“Families need reliable, fast connections for school and work, small businesses and entrepreneurs need it to stay competitive,” Mr Albanese said.

The opposition pitch to improve internet…

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