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Let Reel Life Give You Lessons On Money — Scam Guards


Movies spin tales and show different aspects in situations, emotions and happenings from across a large gamut. You might learn about a historical figure from a biographical movie, or you could take notes on how-to (more often than not, how
not to) approach or a girl or a guy you have a crush on. Or it could be about something that makes you pause and think about life philosophically. Or some might just offer you essential life lessons on money! Here are 10 such movies across Bollywood and Hollywood to take notes from… on what NOT to do when it comes to your money matters.

The Big Bull (2021)


The Big Bull, based on real-life events of the financial market involving Harshad Mehta and the financial scam he was involved in. It follows a stockbroker, who seems more like a common man than a con man, and manipulates the loopholes in the country’s banking system and goes from rags to riches too fast…

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