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Let's get it straight


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Let’s get it straight

Dyson Corrale hair straightener is such a handy way to style your hair cordlessly

As a man who has very straight and short hair, this is not a product for me. So, I got my wife and two daughters to use this Dyson Corrale cord-free hair straightener instead and it did not disappoint them.

After extensive use of around two weeks, my test subjects found this beauty gadget easily straightened their hair without making it dry, while keeping it glossy. The Corrale can evenly straighten a large bunch of hair with its teeth-like copper heating plates that reduces damage from doing too many pulls. But it does sometimes snag if you grab too much hair at once.

Professional hairdressers recommend using the least heat possible to keep hair healthy. Also, for better results and long-lasting effect, blow dry your hair first.

This Dyson Corrale cord-free hair straightener has three heat levels — 165C, 185C, 210C — to suit various types of hair.

Readying it for a hair-straightening session will take around 15 seconds, which is short enough to please impatient people.

It weighs around 500g and may be a little cumbersome for some. For my test subjects, it usually takes them around five-10 minutes to do their hair each time. My wife did say that it was a little heavy, but my two daughters never complained once about the weight. I think the ability to do their hair cord-free outweighed the weight of the machine.

Dyson claims that the battery will last around 30 minutes on a full charge and cannot be used plugged in if the battery is too low. If you have thick and exceptionally long hair, I recommend you fully charge the item then plug it in to ensure that it will not die halfway through straightening your hair.

I have noticed it takes longer to turn off than turn on, around two minutes. I believe that is to ensure it cools down totally before letting you know that it is off. It will also automatically sleep and shutdown at five and 10 minutes respectively if left unattended.

It comes with a heat-resistant pouch to carry it around as well.

Apart from coming with a high price tag and a bit of weight, the Dyson Corrale is a perfect gadget to style your hair. A wireless hair straightener is very convenient for on-the-go types.

James Dyson with the Dyson Corrale straightener.