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Letter to Orbán from a Hong Kong activist – POLITICO


Nathan Law is a pro-democracy activist and politician from Hong Kong. 

LONDON — Dear Viktor Orbán, 

It’s difficult to imagine how somebody who battled against the brutal repression of a communist party at a young age could later become a staunch supporter of another. And yet, an increasing number of people like you have done just that. 

As a founding member of the Fidesz party, which began as a democratic youth organization resisting Soviet oppression in the 1980s, you should be well aware of what power can look like when there are no checks or balances to restrain it. The system of absolute control under the Chinese Communist Party is no different from that of the Soviet Union you protested when you were young — so why have you, as Hungarian prime minister, chosen to side with Beijing and block the European Union from supporting those fighting for freedom in Hong Kong? 

People might wonder why an exiled democratic…

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