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Letters to the Editor: Aug. 6, 2021


Police task force ‘Seniors vs. Crime’ assists seniors victimized by fraud

The July 24 editorial “Bust Scams in Florida,” from the Daytona Beach News-Journal, only touches the surface of the frauds, flim-flams and schemes aimed at our citizens. Fraud was perpetrated long before Jacob was cheated out of a bride by Laban as told in the Bible.

In 1989 the Florida Legislature directed the Florida Attorney General to come up with a plan to assist senior citizens victimized by fraud. A task force of police officers was created: Seniors vs Crime, A Special Project of the Florida Attorney General’s Office.

I was a member of that task (for the next 30 years). We found the need to actively involve senior citizens in our investigations. The Stuart Police Department volunteer program served as the prototype for what is known as Seniors vs. Crime Super Sleuths. Today, Seniors vs. Crime has 38 offices throughout the state with over 200 sleuths who assist with…

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