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LGBTQ missing persons Facebook page highlights unsolved cases


A Colorado man launched a Facebook page to help solve cases involving LGBTQ people who are missing or have died but have yet to be officially identified.

Lazarus Rise, who is transgender, started the Missing and Unidentified LGBT Individuals Facebook page in April 2020. He was inspired to do so after discovering a decades-old case of a missing woman who investigators originally thought was cisgender but later discovered she was transgender.

The unidentified trans woman was found dead and was believed to have been killed in Clermont, Florida, in 1988. Investigators learned she was transgender after her body underwent DNA testing in 2015, upending the case.

“How many other people are out there like that — unidentified — that could have been trans, but you never know it because they can’t speak for themselves anymore?” Rise asked during an interview with KUSA, an NBC affiliate in Denver. “So, it really started making me think about all the people…

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