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Looking to buy a home? Here are the hottest U.S. ZIP codes to buy one.


Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, so does the booming housing market.

Millennials want more space for their money and they are willing to commute tostretch their dollars, according to Realtor.com’s annual list of hottest ZIP codes in the country, released exclusively to USA TODAY. 

This year’s top markets are giving homebuyers more bang for their buck in suburban areas, including Rochester, New York; Manchesterand Concord, New Hampshire; Worcester, Massachusetts and Columbus, Ohio.

The only two suburbs of major metropolitanareas are Peabody, Massachusetts (near Boston) and Farmington, Michigan (near Detroit).

A few factors contributed to the growing popularity of this year’s hottest ZIP codes. They include strong job markets, a better price per square foot, easy access to metro areas.  And 46% of the homebuyers are millennials, the report shows. 

Homes on this year’s list are 110 square feet larger than a typical U.S. home for sale…

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