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LuLaRich Is a Perfectly Adequate Scammer Docuseries


Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

It’s nice to be able to recommend a four-episode docuseries about the implosion of a popular multilevel marketing scheme and feel confident that, for the viewers who already know they’re going to enjoy a four-part docuseries about an MLM, this one will hit the spot. LuLaRich, the new Amazon Prime series about the rise and partial collapse of the clothing company LuLaRoe, will be right up your alley if your alley is: docuseries about cults, docuseries about scams, true-crime docuseries, podcasts about any of those things, or sighing with resignation while scrolling past Facebook posts for LuLaRoe (or Herbalife, or Mary and Martha, or Mary Kay, or any of the other dozens of pyramid schemes of the past few decades).

LuLaRich benefits from running roughly…

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