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MailGuard warns of new scam targeting Telstra customers


Telstra customers in Australia are being warned of a new scam involving “Unsuccessful Payment” messages.

According to MailGuard, the scam targets Telstra customers by using phishing techniques to steal sensitive credit card details.

The email subject line warns users that “Your AutoPay payment Was unsuccessful !”, and while the sender name shows ‘Telstra.com.au’, MailGuard says the email is actually fraudulent, coming from β€˜Telstra.com.au@ovh.us’.

They say that the email itself may look similar to one expected to come from Telstra, but once customers begin reading the text, there are key factors that point to it being a phishing scam.

All of the emails that MailGuard say they have blocked begin with “Dear [-emailuser-]”.Telstra, as with most businesses, is known to personalise emails by using the customer’s first name.

The email continues to explain that the payment for a customer’s last owing bill was unsuccessful and…

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