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Man accuses Peninsula Plaza shop of trying to scam maid of old laptop, police investigating, Singapore News


Was it a scam?

When a maid tried to collect her laptop at a Peninsula Plaza shop, she was told someone else had already collected it on her behalf, even though she could see it in the shop.

It was only when her employer, Stomp contributor Edwin, intervened that they were able to get the laptop back.

He told Stomp: “The laptop belongs to me. I lent it to my helper because she is taking up courses to improve her computer skills.

β€œOn May 15, my helper went to this shop at Peninsula Plaza to seek installation service of Microsoft Office. She was given a handwritten receipt and was told to come back one to two weeks later for collection.”

Edwin’s helper received a message to collect the laptop on June 12.

The Stomp contributor said: “My helper went down and was told that someone had collected the laptop on her behalf, so it is missing, but she managed to spot the laptop in the shop. But the shop owner kept insisting the laptop was not hers, then…

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