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Man in his 60s loses almost £100,000 to scammer | Personal Finance | Finance


Graham, 60, appeared on yesterday morning’s episode of For Love or Money, explaining how he had sold his beloved vintage motorbike and used profits from the sale of his home to fund what turned out to be a scammer. After he separated with his wife, Graham found someone who claimed to be 39-year-old Oxford gold trader Maryanne, who was stuck in Dubai on business.

Graham had previously been married for 33 years, but with the kids leaving home and his multiple sclerosis (MS) impacting him, the once happy couple decided to split.

He explained: “With MS days are different, you can have a good day one day and a bad day straight after.” He added that he and his now ex-wife “drifted apart”.

After separating from his wife, Graham found an online dating site where he first got in contact with Maryanne Smith in January 2019.

He shared: “She was bubbly, she was good fun. She was nice to talk to. It was from that point I was able to help her a bit with money…

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