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Masks are about safety, not politics

By Carol and Bob Waters

Updated: 30 minutes ago Published: 30 minutes ago

I have chosen not to testify at the Assembly in person because so many are not wearing masks in the open spaces. Thank you to many on the Assembly for their endurance, their patience, and their respect for all ideas related to masking. I am impressed and also feel empathy for what they are doing in this trying time.I am fully in support of the mask mandate. I think public safety is in jeopardy because of COVID-19. Therefore, it behooves all of us to get vaccinated and to wear masks so that we contribute to the public good.

There are many behaviors that we as a society require for the common good: seat belts, speed limits, vaccinations, driving and drinking limits, age limits for driving and drinking, paying taxes, marriage licenses, licenses to open a business, crosswalks, school zone speed limits, handicapped parking, septic system upgrades and all kinds of construction…

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