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Matt Buechele On Twitter, Jimmy Fallon, & Married Women


Matt Buechele’s videos have been known to incite a strong reaction from the ladies on the internet. Tweets like, “my bf wouldn’t appreciate this tweet but id marry this man,” or “Happy Valentine’s Day to Lakeith Stanfield only” followed by, “I changed my mind, happy Valentine’s Day to @mattbooshell also,” are emblematic of the kind of feedback the 31-year-old comedian gets online. But Buechele knows a more specific demographic really rides for him. “Married women, that’s my wheelhouse,” Buechele tells Bustle. “They love my concept.”

The concept is good-natured, often musical takes on benign but delightful topics like the ideal amount of people for a dinner hangout (4 to 6) or what the two types of LCD Soundsystem songs sound like (lyrics include, “Brooklyn… I’m dating the borough”). Though Buechele has been doing stand-up and improv in New York for over a decade, it wasn’t until his late 20s that he quit his job in…

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