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Mersey Tunnels: Groundbreaking, fast tag and new technology


The River Mersey has always formed a physical and physiological divide between Liverpool and Wirral.

Not only does it separate the two boroughs, but it is seen as a borderline marker for two of the dominant identities within the city region.

The river has also played a key role in shaping two different sides of history; while Liverpool welcomed ships from across the world in its stretch of docks, it was the Wirral that built many of the world’s vessels in its vast and famous shipyards.

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The two boroughs remain tantalizingly close at their nearest point from Liverpool’s Pier Head across to Woodside in Birkenhead, however the crossing has only ever been achievable by ferry or a subterranean route via the Queens and Kingsway tunnels.

With news that the heavily-used tunnels will be installing new technology in early November in a bid to modernise the way users pay for their…

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