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‘Million Dollar Listing New York’s’ Kirsten Jordan on the ‘hot’ real estate market, where she sees it going


Kirsten Jordan is squarely in the mix of the high-intensity world of luxury real estate in New York City but half a decade ago, the mother of three wasn’t even sure she loved the high-stakes game of selling lavish properties.

The first woman ever cast on “Million Dollar Listing New York” for season 9, Jordan, 37, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, moved to Rye, New York, in grade school before earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin – which included some time studying abroad in Rome, Italy, until she migrated to Milan.

Jordan told FOX Business her foray into real estate some 13 years ago hardened her exterior for a moonshot into reality stardom, but the transition didn’t come without its share of growing pains as the self-described “tomboy” said she had no idea the work she’d have to undertake in…

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