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Some people never stop playing in the dirt.

Digging can be hot, dusty, tedious and filthy.

And a whole lot of fun, even if the only souvenirs people take home are grimy fingernails and a thick coating of dust and sweat that would prompt any mother to stand at the front door and exclaim “Not in my house!”

Fun is the whole point, according to Gina Clary, owner of Diamond Hill Mine.

Just to clear up any misconceptions: No diamonds have been found at Diamond Hill Mine. Clary said the name arose in the 1800s when people saw minerals sparkling in the sun after rain fell.

What Diamond Hill does have is skeletal quartz, garnets, amethysts and aquamarines, she said. The site is part of the Antreville Shear Zone that runs from North Carolina to Georgia, she said. The result is two veins of minerals running through the area.


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