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Money mule scams increase as more people work from home – FOX13 News Memphis


MEMPHIS, Tenn. β€” The pandemic has people searching for ways to make some extra cash.

In response, fraudsters are advertising fake jobs and are making job seekers money mules.

These are usually unsuspecting victims who could end up in serious trouble.

Anyone can be a money mule, but the FBI says the elderly, college students, and recent immigrants are often targeted.

β€œIt was $3,000, and it kind of hit me back,” Sandra Tucker of Carroll County, Tennessee said. β€œI thought, well, I’m doing pretty good if I am going to get that kind of money.”

It seemed like a perfect work-from-home opportunity: place a decal on her car for cash.

After Tucker agreed, she was sent a fake $2,800 check and a list of instructions.

β€œHe asked me to cash it, and then he would go into my account and take a certain amount of money out, and I would get the rest,” she said.

Tucker sensed something wasn’t right. She sent the check to the Better Business Bureau, who told her…

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