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“Mosagullu”: Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of the Telugu Scam film


Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer. It is a famous Telugu film, and the film’s story is based on one of the biggest scams in this modern Indian history. This scam is an IRS call centre scam. It depicts the story of a fake call centre racket that has duped Americans at an amount of 300 million dollars.

This film is written by Vishnu Manchu, who is working at the call centre. The person collects all the personal details and sells them to the dark web for money. He has a twin elder sister named Anu, older than him in just 10 seconds. She is living separated from her intolerable husband and living with her brother.

Arjun and Vijay have hatched a plan by utilizing their call centre experience. They make a straightforward plan call up the Americans impersonating as the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) collection officers and allege tax violations. They give them threats until they settle the dispute and wiring money to them.

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