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My Family Got 3 Different Scam Texts/Emails In One Day


I know, I write about scams going around and through Rockford and the Rockford area quite a bit. The reason is pretty simple. I’m outraged by what scammers are doing to senior citizens, people who are barely getting by, young people, and families.

My own dad, who was 85 years old and nearing the very end of his life, was nearly a victim of scam artists who had him convinced that he’d won a multi-million dollar sweepstakes. The only thing that kept them from taking his money and personal information is that I walked in while he was talking to them on the phone. The moment he started giving out his credit card info, I intervened and disconnected his call.

Had he been 20 years younger, he might have figured out what was going on, but at that point in his life he was confused about many things, especially sharks on the phone trying to screw him over. Dad also didn’t realize that seniors are prime target material for scammers.

But, as I…

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