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NAR forum: We’re at a ‘hinge point’ in American politics


America has had a politically divisive year, contending with a deadly pandemic, racial tensions over police brutality and a presidential election that saw an insurrection before it saw an inauguration. But there are opportunities to work together on particular issues going forward, according to panelists at the National Association of Realtors’ midyear conference Wednesday.

Political commentator Van Jones, host of the Van Jones Show on CNN and CEO of Reform Alliance, an organization dedicated to probation and parole reform, and Mara Liasson, national political correspondent for NPR and a contributor for Fox News, spoke at the Realtors Legislative Meetings’ Federal Legislative and Political Forum.

“A lot of changes happening in the country now is change that a big section of America didn’t sign up for, necessarily,” Jones said.

“The chances of your grandchildren looking like your grandparents [are] not very high. We…

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