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National Space Council vets sign Oracle


With Daniel Lippman

NEW BUSINESS: Days before the Supreme Court dismissed Oracle’s challenge of a $10 billion Pentagon cloud computing contract, the software maker and cloud service provider hired three veterans of the Trump administration’s National Space Council to lobby on procurement and IT modernization, lobbying disclosures show.

Daris Meeks, former Vice President Mike Pence’s top domestic policy adviser who helped manage the revival of the space council; Jared Stout, the council’s deputy executive secretary and chief of staff; and Katie Wall, the council’s chief of staff, make up the team from Meeks, Butera & Israel that will represent the software giant as it pursues the DoD contract meant to take the place of the winner-take-all JEDI program.

— Oracle, which retains close to two dozen lobbying firms in Washington and which has spent more than $5 million on lobbying this year, also hired Capitol Consulting…

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