Home Markets Navigating Bear Markets: Evaluating EDGE Rushers

Navigating Bear Markets: Evaluating EDGE Rushers


I have felt for some time that EDGE rusher stats rely too much on volume, and not enough on quality. Let us jump right in by looking at the top 10 edge rushers, according to PFF’s pass-rushing grades:

More pressures and pressures per game mean one player is better than the other as a pass rusher, right? Well, maybe. We always need to account for snap counts in multiple ways. How many of these players never come off the field? You can use the snap counts to gather which players may be rotational, injury-prone, and which ones are too important to take off the field.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these players’ opponents. I started out by accumulating how many snaps they lined up on each side of the line in each game (against either the LT or the RT). I then found the snap counts for each game to find who the snap leader at LT and RT was for the opponent.

Once I had the offensive tackle’s names, I pulled their pressures…

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