Home Tech New Forspoken gameplay reveals enemy details

New Forspoken gameplay reveals enemy details


The raw PS5 footage comes courtesy of Game Informer, touching upon the enemies that stand in the way of protagonist Frey Holland’s goal of saving Athia. The gameplay is set in a much later stage, where a mysterious blight has mutated humans and animals of the land into zombie-esque creatures. Enemies have different physical features depending on what tier they fall into, where the higher difficulty/tier is indicated by a golden tint.

Unlike the initial gameplay that was revealed last year, the enemies seem to be more reactive to the attacks and are no longer single-minded. The poor reception, at the time, urged the studio to take down the video as a whole – with prime criticisms being the laggy performance, odd textures, and the general world aspects which looked empty.

There is some improvement this time, though the abundance of magic particles on-screen might take a heavy toll on…

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