Home Business New scam targeting banking customers: FNB

New scam targeting banking customers: FNB


While people and businesses continue to scale the use of digital services in the “new normal”, cybercriminals also introduce new opportunistic scams, says FNB.

The bank has warned of ”remote access scams’, a new fraud modus operandi that entails scammers posing as IT department representatives from telecoms providers and/or banks to trick victims into relinquishing control of their devices to steal money and/or sensitive information.

“Remote access software is becoming a very popular way for fraudsters to attempt to defraud consumers and businesses,” said Giuseppe Virgillito, head of digital banking at FNB.

“With remote access scams, fraudsters will call to offer you help to ‘block a fraudulent transaction’ by downloading and installing ‘protective’ software on your devices.

“Once you download the remote access software, they’ll ask you to log into your personal online banking profile.”

Once you’ve logged in, your device…

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