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New scam targets property taxes


Dear Heloise: The other day I received a letter saying I had not paid my property taxes. It looked like it was from my mortgage company and looked very real. The letter said they were going to investigate the history of my property taxes, including my IRS tax statements.

I knew they were wrong and was furious that they were actually threatening me. I called the county tax office just to make certain that I was up to date, and sure enough I was. Apparently, these scammers like to target people over 65 and people for whom English is a second language. They think people over 65 won’t remember whether or not they paid their taxes, and for people from another country, it would be frightening to get threats from a company about investigating them.

If this should happen to any of your readers, tell them to call their county tax office first, and if they are up to date, to not worry. It’s just another low-life scammer trying to cheat…

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