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New Study Shows Trends in Vaccine Conversation on Twitter


A new study shows how Twitter users drove the conversation surrounding vaccines over the past six months. On May 13 global communications consulting firm LLYC announced the results of its independent Vaccine Conversation Trends Study, which examined over 2 million posts published in the United States between November 2020 and April 2021. 

Key findings in the study reveal not only the divide in conversation among the pro- and anti-vax communities, but spikes in topical information as well. Some highlighted results included:

  • The pro-vax conversation volume grew 8 percent in March and April 2021, whereas the neutral-vax community fell by 16.2 percent as they made decisions and took a side. 
  • #Covid19 became the most popular hashtag at 33 percent as of April 30, 2021, with pro-vaccination hashtag #getvaccinated reaching the second-highest number of conversations at 14 percent.
  • The main misconception being spread about the new COVID-19…

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