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New technology brings digital content to Daily News | Local


Our website offers video, audio, interactive graphics, story and photo collections and more, but many readers tell us they prefer reading their news in print each morning.

Starting today, we can offer a bridge between the two.

NewsVu, a new technology for Lee Enterprises, allows us to publish QR codes on our pages that that take readers directly to digital elements from their smartphones.

You’re seeing QR codes in restaurants and in many places, and now you’ll see them at times in the Daily News.

This story has one. Try it out. Open the camera app on your smartphone and point the camera at the code, which is a square that appears to be made up of other squares and lines. A link will show up in the camera’s field of view on your smartphone screen. Tap that link, and it will take you to a collection of photos showcasing Winona history.

This NewsVu feature provides direct bridges between the articles you read in the print edition and a…

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