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New technology for plasma separation using magnets


Scientists from UNIST have come up with a novel technology for plasma separation from blood. This new plasma separation technology could significantly enhance the accuracy of point-of-care blood tests, which has shown the increased demand recently.

Using diamagnetic repulsion of blood cells, scientists were able to separate blood cells and blood plasma. In this method, the superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) are supplemented to whole blood. Once supplemented, the SPIONs turn the blood plasma into a paramagnetic condition, repelling all blood cells by magnets.

Using the technology, scientists were able to collect hemolysis-free plasma without losing plasma proteins, platelets, and exosomes.

Professor Joo H. Kang said, “Many efforts have been made to develop various blood plasma separation methods. However, there always have been limitations, such as dilution of blood, blood cell impurity in plasma, and hemolysis. Our approach…

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