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New technology to remotely monitor bridges in Vic


The Victorian Government is establishing a joint venture with US company Xerox to develop a technology to monitor bridges, aiding the flow of traffic and trains.

The technology will be implemented on projects like the new level crossing removal project in Preston, Melbourne, where four level crossings will be removed, 2km of elevated rail will be built as well as new stations at Bell and Preston.

In Preston, the rail line will be raised over four roads on the Mernda line, delivering new open space underneath the 2km rail bridge, providing smoother and safer journeys for the 82,000 vehicles that pass through these level crossings each day.

The technology is the result of trials carried out through a partnership between VicTrack and Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), which developed sensors that can be used to monitor structural health in bridges. 

Following the successful trials, the Victorian Government will invest $50 million to…

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