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New World’s economy is currently suffering from deflation


Players in Amazon Games’ New World have resorted to bartering as currency deflation plagues the economy.

New World has been out for several weeks now, and fans are startling to settle into Amazon Games’ MMO. Although the game launched in a fairly good state, it hasn’t been all great news for players of New World. The game’s currency is currently suffering from deflation, throwing the economy all out of whack. The situation has gotten so dire on some servers, that players have resorted to bartering and conducting trades rather than using coins.

Several players have made complaints about the issues facing New World’s economy, and it became the subject of a recent article on PlayerAuctions. Essentially, the coin rewards for completing quests and doing other objectives is not enough, and players are collectively spending more money than they are making. As a result, prices for goods have been…

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